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Join our 2020 Project AWARE Street Clean Up

Saturday, 19th September

The Ugly Journey of our Trash

Marine debris is the rubbish of our everyday lives, it travels over land, down streams, rivers and storm drains to the ocean. It can drift thousands of miles leaving a wake of destruction in its path. Every year, debris kills thousands of marine animals and sea birds, chokes coral reefs, smothers critical environments and contaminates our beaches and recreation sites. 

Sadly as divers we encounter some form of marine debris everytime we go out to dive - on the shore, floating on the waters’ surface, mid water, on the seafloor, we even see sea life using it as their home. From plastic straws and bottles to fishing gear and medical waste we have seen it all. (The other day we came back with a G-String! :-0)

Our crew makes a huge effort to pick up trash on every dive we make. Knowing that we are doing our little bit to help make the ocean healthier adds even more satisfaction to our dive day but we know this is just a small piece of the puzzle. We need to stop this trash from ever getting into our marine environment to start with and for this we need your help!

the ugly truth of our streets

Sadly many streets in Playa del Carmen are overflowing with trash. The harsh reality is that the majority of this trash will one way or another find its way into the marine environment unless something is done to stop it.

That is why this year in support of Project AWARE Week (19-27th Sep) our clean up will be a Street Clean Up. We are calling on the community of Playa del Carmen to join us - together we can make a real difference. Help us stop this trash from ever getting to our oceans and help us spread the word - The Ocean Starts Here! 


Exibit 1 - Calle 60, Playa del Carmen

Did you know?

6 million tonnes of debris enter the ocean every year


Exibit 2 - Calle 60, Playa del Carmen

Did you know?

86% of marine turtles are affected by marine debris


Exibit 3 - Calle 60, Playa del Carmen

Did you know?

1 million sea birds are killed by marine debris every year

Choosing a location was tough, once we started really looking we realised that there are so many areas in Playa del Carmen in need of attention. Therefore we are compiling a list of sites to clean up and will be making these street clean ups a regular event. If you have any suggestion for areas in need of some TLC we would love you to reach out to us.

For this first Street Clean Up we have chosen the street running parallel to Home Depot - Calle 60 Norte, Playa del Carmen. This is a street that most of you have probably driven or walked down many times. This single block is littered with an astonishing amount of all different kinds of trash.

So lets get the Street Clean Ups started! THE OCEAN STARTS HERE!


Join Us.

Street Clean Up - Project AWARE 2020

Saturday 19th of September, 2020
4.30pm till 7pm

Show up when you can and stay as long as you can.

Whatever time you can spare will be greatly appreciated.
15mins, 30mins, an hour  - it all adds up and makes a difference.